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Xerox Phaser 840 Tektronix Catalogue de pièces
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Xerox Phaser 840 Tektronix Parts manual

This topic provides a list of field-replaceable units for the Phaser 840 Color Printer. Changes to Tektronix products are made to accommodate improved components as they become available. It is important when ordering parts to include the following information:
- Component's part number
- Product type or model number
- Serial number of the printer

Serial numbering. Particular fields in the serial number indicate the modification level of the printer, the date of its manufacture and the sequence number of the printer produced on that day. The serial number is coded as follows:


B indicates the headquarter city of the manufacturing company, Beaverton.
L indicates the modification level of the printer, ranging alpha-numerically from 0 to Z.
xx alpha-numerically indicates the sequence of the printer among the printers produce on that day of manufacture, ranging from 01 to ZZ representing 1 to 1296 (the letters I and O are not used).

D alpha-numerically indicates the day of manufacture, ranging from 1 to X representing 1 to 31 (the letters I and O are not used).

M alpha-numerically indicates the month of manufacture, ranging from 1 to C representing 1 to 12.

Y numerically indicates the last digit of the year of manufacture, ranging from 0 to 9.

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